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SketchUp Keyboard Shortcuts

I've been using SketchUp for more than six years now, started with pirated Version 2 and was using the last version by then developer @Last for a long time. I've never used any software that is as straightforward and enjoyable at the same time it made me want to shout "At Last!" [I swore I never wanted to touch any other 3-D modelling program, not even AutoCAD.] I was hooked within the first few hours, long before the 8-hour trial expires, and since I've been relying on SU for its speed and simplicity, with computer hardware being the single road block along the way.
Through the years I've improved my skills in SU on different levels, and I'm most confident now in my speed in 3-D architectural modeling. What has been a great help all along is the use of shortcuts—for easy toggling/command using the keyboard hand. SU has some standard shortcut keys, but I've devised some of my own.
I hope the following will be of use to other beginning and intermediate users. Some custom keyboard shortcuts for commands:
Camera/Perspective • \
Camera/Previous • Ctrl+NumPad-
Camera/Standard Views/Back • Ctrl+Down
Camera/Standard Views/Bottom • Ctrl+Up
Camera/Standard Views/Front • Down
Camera/Standard Views/Isometric • Left
Camera/Standard Views/Left • Ctrl+Right
Camera/Standard Views/Right • Right
Camera/Standard Views/Top • Up
Camera/Standard Views/Zoom Extents • Ctrl+Numpad.
Camera/Standard Views/Zoom Window • Ctrl+NumPad+
Edit/Make Group • Ctrl+G
View/Component Edit/Hide Rest of Model • Ctrl+NumPad/
View/Component Edit/Hide Similar Components • Ctrl+NumPad*
View/Face Style/Hidden Line • F6
View/Face Style/Monochrome • F9
View/Face Style/Shaded • F7
View/Face Style/Shaded with Textures • F8
View/Face Style/Wireframe • F5
View/Face Style/X-Ray • F10
View/Guides • V
View/Hidden Geometry • F11
Standard Windows/SU keyboard shortcuts for commands:
Camera/Orbit • O
Camera/Pan • H
Camera/Zoom • Z
Draw/Circle • C
Draw/Line • L
Draw/Rectangle • R
Edit/Copy • Ctrl+C
Edit/Cut • Ctrl+X
Edit/Delete • Delete
Edit/Make Component • G
Edit/Paste • Ctrl+V
Edit/Redo • Ctrl+Y
Edit/Select All • Ctrl+A
Edit/Select None • Ctrl+T
Edit/Undo • Ctrl+Z
File/New • Ctrl+N
File/Open • Ctrl+O
File/Print • Ctrl+P
File/Save Ctrl+S
Tools/Eraser • E
Tools/Move • M
Tools/Offset • F
Tools/Paint Bucket • B
Tools/Push/Pull • P
Tools/Rotate • Q
Tools/Scale • S
Tools/Select • Space
Tools/Tape Measure • T
View/Animation/Next Scene • PageDown
View/Animation/Previous Scene •PageUp
SketchUp keyboard shortcuts for Standard Views
SketchUp keyboard shortcuts for Face Styles

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